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SSL Certificates In a virtual world, there is always an element of doubt when sending or receiving sensitive information. A large percentage of internet users leave websites when asked to provide any information about themselves, simply because the website was not a secure website. There is no better way of building users' trust than by enabling SSL on your website and getting an SSL Certificate for your website.

To allow you to secure your website, we offer Thawte SSL Certificates -
  • Thawte is a Verisign company, which was the first company worldwide to start offering digital certificates.
  • It is the oldest and the most reliable brand of Digital Certificates in the market today.
  • Thawte is a brand that is well-recognized by users worldwide and getting a Thawte digital certificate for your website will increase the level of comfort that your customers feel when they visit your website.

SSL Plans: [Buy SSL Certificates with Hosting]

SSL123 Certificate
INR 3080.85/year Buy
INR 4420.35/2 year
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SSL123 Certificate Features

  • Upto 256 bit encryption
  • Highest Browser Recognition in the industry
  • Quick Issue
  • Domain name verification
  • Thawte Trusted Site Seal
  • Unlimited Free Reissues
  • Supports IDN

This is an entry level certificate which provides basic validation and authentication for your Customers. If you require your SSL certificate immediately, and are setting up a basic web presence, this certificate is right for you.

Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your client's web browsers.

Web Server Certificate
INR 6652.85/year Buy
INR 11117.85/2 year
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SGC SuperCert
INR 11117.85/year Buy
INR 20047.85/2 year
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Wildcard Server Certificate
INR 22280.35/year Buy
INR 35675.35/2 year
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  Features   View/Compare Details   Verification Process  
Comparison Chart SSL123 Certificate Web Server Certificate SGC SuperCert Wildcard Server Certificate
Plan Details
Purchase Plan buy buy buy buy
Yearly Price INR 3080.85
Per Year
INR 6652.85
Per Year
INR 11117.85
Per Year
INR 22280.35
Per Year
Reissues Free! Free! Free! Free!
Encryption Level Upto 256-bit Upto 256-bit Upto 256-bit with step-up to 128-bit Upto 256-bit
Step-Up Functionality - - -
Authentication Domain Check and Quick Validation Comprehensive Business Verification and Authentication Comprehensive Business Verification and Authentication Comprehensive Business Verification and Authentication
Average Issuance Speed Within minutes Less than 2 Days Less than 2 Days Less than 2 Days
Browser Compatibility Highest in the industry Highest in the industry Highest in the industry Highest in the industry
Securing Web domains
Securing gateways (e.g.. Citrix Secure Gateways)
Supports IDNs
Securing multiple hosts for a domain on the same server - - -
Securing web forms for e-commerce sites

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