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About Course

"Language Integrated Query (LINQ, pronounced "link") is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that adds native data querying capabilities to .NET languages."

To develop database applications in C#, developer must have good understanding of object oriented programming as well as SQL Queries. The goal of this Linq online course is to make the developer proficient enough to use LINQ as an alternative to SQL Queries and also to demonstrate how LINQ can be a better way of handling XML documents.

According to Anders Hejlsberg the chief architect of C#. “Microsoft original motivation behind LINQ was to address the impedance mismatch between programming languages and database.” The online Linq training videos will provide a deep understanding of how to deal with Linq to objects, Linq to Sql, and Linq to XML kind of things.

Syllabus Overview

C# Language Extensions in 3.5 (Prerequisite)

  • Type Inference
  • Object Initializer
  • Anonymous Types
  • Extension Methods
  • Partial Method

LINQ Architecture & Providers

  • Understanding the LINQ Framework
  • LINQ Providers

LINQ to Objects

  • IEnumerable and IQueryable interfaces
  • System.Linq namespace
  • Query Expressions
  • Lambda Expression
  • Using Custom Class Collection


  • Defining the Data Model classes
  • Using Mapping attributes
  • Using the Data Context class
  • Defining Relationships using Associations
  • Creating a customized Data Context class
  • LINQ to SQL Designer (DBML File)
  • Performing Add/Edit/Delete/View Operations
  • Tracking changes to entities
  • Submitting changes
  • Concurrency error handling issues
  • Join Query
  • Validating Entities
  • Transaction Handling
  • Executing Stored Procedures


  • Understanding the LINQ to XML Class hierarchy
  • Create an XML document
  • Loading existing XML document
  • Querying XML using LINQ to XML
  • Manipulating XML document using LINQ
    • Adding nodes
    • Modifying nodes
    • Deleting nodes

LINQ to Dataset

  • Querying DataSets
  • Querying typed DataSets
  • Using LINQ over DataSet with Table Adapter

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Course Objectives
At the end of the training course, students will be able to:
  • Leverage new features of C# 3.0, including extension methods and lambda expressions.
  • Use LINQ to filter, sort, and group in-memory collections of objects.
  • Create LINQ to SQL queries to execute SQL Server stored procedures and perform updates in real-world database applications.
  • Use LINQ to Entities to write strongly typed queries against the Entity Data Model.
  • Detect and resolve concurrency conflicts with LINQ to SQL.
  • Execute business logic and perform data validation by hooking into extensibility points provided by LINQ to SQL.
  • Write LINQ to XML queries to search XML documents and save them to the file system.
  • Build a real-world n-tier application using WCF and LINQ to SQL.
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